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After long planning, I finally did it. Well, eventually I made my blog website named BlogbyWords live. And the most interesting thing was that I handled the development part on my own rather than getting assistance from any specialized developers, though I am a novice in this area.

The credit goes to website development WordPress, which made it quite easy for everyone to develop and launch their website. And of course, I am one of those! The major advantage of developing your website with the WordPress platform is that you don’t need to handle the coding part (except those of some complicated websites).

Apart from being easy, my main reason for choosing a WordPress platform for website development is that it is good for creating a blogging website. Besides, I am keen to learn nooks and corners of website development. It’s another valid reason that prompted me to go with this content management system (CMS).

Of course, I learned a lot about website development be it managing cPanel, connecting domains to hosting, installing WordPress, generating SSL, installing templates, or customizing it. If I would have hired a website development company, I would have not been able to learn all these.

I am planning to write various interesting blogs on WordPress in the coming time. So, I will not talk here much about it. What’s most important to talk about here is why I decided to launch my blogging website.

Reasons Why I decided to Launch my Blog Website

Well, if I say the main reason for launching my blog website, it’s not a single. There are a plethora of reasons why I launched my website on my own even without getting the assistance of a website design and development company. Let’s take a look at all these reasons.

1. Create Sample for Clients

The fast-paced spread of the Corona Virus last year made everything standstill and the lockdown was imposed by the government of almost every country across the globe. It compelled the majority of offices to adopt the culture of Work from Home (WFH). My organization was not different.

It also followed the same thing. It’s been almost 1 year since I worked from home. And during this period, I started interacting with many companies that were looking for freelancers for ‘Content Writing’ purposes.

I sent them my proposal with a sample along with a quote. And they were ready to work with me. God has been very kind of me and finally, my hard work got recognized when it managed to increase my client base and ended up by 10.

Of course, I hired some content writers who work on my projects and I pay them. It makes me easy to handle all projects, even though I work as a full-time content writer.

So, whenever I approach new clients for content writing work, they ask me about sample works or website links. Of course, I submit them either written samples or links to other client’s websites. But, it’s indeed not a good thing as some clients often ask me, ‘how could I believe you wrote the content since the author name appears different.”

Indeed, they have every reason to not rely on my sample. But, somehow I managed to convey some of my clients. Meanwhile, others were not ready to believe and they finally rejected my proposal due to this.

2. Interact with the World

Thanks to today’s digital world that facilitates interaction with anyone irrespective of where they are and also without following any time bond. And to interact with them you have your website (of course, there are windows of platforms are available for interaction).

Since I am a blogger, I often welcome comments and suggestion on my every post. Getting comments and feedback from visitors always inspires me to deliver more. And I think no other option is as good as your website when it comes to maximizing the reach of your blog among your targeted readers.

3. Help Others

I am a blogger who writes blogs on the latest tips, updates, trends, etc. on the latest technologies, digital marketing, website development, etc. I write a complete guide that helps you in resolving complications that you face in leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

No matter which blogs you read, you will end up exploring useful information that will help you easily resolve complications while making you well versed about them.

4. Grab Multiple Earning Opportunities

Having a blog website enables you to grab multiple earning opportunities such as ad sense, affiliate marketing, guest blogging, etc. is a name a few. So, it’s indeed another reason for me to go for website development to launch my blog website. I am planning to monetize my website accordingly once it gets a higher volume of traffic.

Wrapping Up

If you are a content writer or a blogger, having a website is something that you can’t avoid. And I would suggest handling the website development on your own rather than hiring a website development company. It not only helps you saving website development costs but also helps you gain a wonderful learning experience.     

Abhishek Kumar

As an avid blogger both by passion and profession, I enjoy playing with words while writing content to make it more interesting and meaningful. When not writing, I enjoy watching YouTube videos.

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