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SEO Trends that help you Gain Success in 2022

ByAbhishek Kumar

Feb 5, 2022
seo trends

If you own an online business, it’s impossible to negate the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). The reason is your website can get traffic, leads, and sales, only if it ranks on the first page of Google. If not, you will struggle to even run your business successfully.

According to data, the Internet accommodates 1.18 billion websites across the world. And every website has a common goal to rank on the first page of search engines. Now, it’s prima facie, how the tough competition is.

Even if your website ranks on the first page of Google, there is no guarantee it will stay for long. Your competitors can replace your position in search engines anytime. Meanwhile, you can expect some good results from an SEO company in Delhi. They follow the latest SEO trends to rank your website higher in search engines.  

Apart from having several websites in the competition, Google also introduces various new algorithms to redefine the practices of search engine optimization.

For instance, Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, RankBrain, etc. are some major Google algorithms. These algorithms are based on users’ changing behavior of searching for any products online.

It also impacts the ranking of websites. And those websites that fail to match Google’s new ranking criteria witness a major downfall in their online ranking.

So, how to deal with these?

Every New Year, Google brings new updates that change the way to do search engine optimization. You need to keep eye on the latest SEO practices. And find an SEO company in Delhi that promises to implement the latest search engine optimization practices in 2022 to improve the ranking of your website.

Let’s discuss here all those practices most reputed SEO consultants suggest and you need to implement to improve the search engine ranking of your website.

1. Growing Use of LSI Keywords

It’s one of the SEO trends that digital marketers follow to a wider extent. Since SEO is about picking up the right keywords and targeting them, you should spend enough time researching meaningful keywords matching your business.

Don’t need to say, you should go for less competitive yet high-quality keywords.

Latent Semantic Indexing Keyword is popularly known as LSI keyword in a short form. Google’s algorithm RankBrain favors LSI keywords. The algorithm prefers ranking websites, which contain quality content accompanied with LSI keywords.

So, no matter what type of keyword you want to target for your website, it’s good to go with LSI keywords.

Well, you may be excited to know what LSI keywords look like, right? Take a look at an image that shows a great example of these keywords.

LSI keywords

In the above image, you can see SEO service is the only search term. Google provides other related keywords such as SEO services list, SEO services near me, SEO services for eCommerce websites, etc. These are some examples of LSI keywords.

Apart from these, many SEO consultants advise you to get the help of some tools like LSIGraph,, etc. to find some highest quality LSI keywords.

2. Develop Quality Content

It’s one of those SEO trends that has been in focus for several years and will continue to attract digital marketers even for upcoming years as well. Nothing can replace quality content. Well, this is something that you should always keep in the mind. Most people think quality content means content that contains no grammatical error.

Of course, this is one of the criteria for quality content. But, it’s not the only thing that makes your content quality based.

Well, quality content includes a clear message to your audience with your targeted keywords. The content should be based on the keywords that you wish to target.

To make your content quality based, you need to implement the following practices;

•          You need to choose the keywords that you wish to target

•          Research the most popular topics related to the targeted keywords

•          Once you shortlisted some of those, analyze which one earned maximum traffic

•          Pick the topic that you think has the potential to generate higher traffic

•          Use your primary keyword in the title of your content and 3 to 4 times in the body including a subheading.

•          Use secondary keywords a maximum of two times in the body content.

•          Avoid keyword stuffing.

3. Featured Snippet

A featured snippet gives you a better opportunity to highlight your content on top of SERP, even if your website doesn’t rank in Google. And thus, it helps your website gain traffic and increases the popularity of your brand.

A featured snippet is a rectangular box that includes the exact answer of the question that user types and searches. In this case, Google only searches the relevancy of content rather than the ranking of any website.

featured snippets

So, even if your website doesn’t rank well but has content that exactly matches the answer to the question that user types, Google highlights some parts of the content of your website on top of the results.

So, it’s crucial to focus on the featured snippet in 2022, which indeed improves the SEO of your website. Besides, it also increases the credibility of your website in search engines.

Here are some strategies that an SEO company in Noida suggests to implement to secure your position in the featured snippet;

•          It’s good to target long-tail keyword

•          Put questions in content

•          Create quality content that answers exactly

4. Image Optimization

A website includes many images that support the information it renders. Meanwhile, some images are heavy in size and they may reduce the loading speed of your website.

And we know that a website having a slow loading speed can’t rank easily in search engines.

So, you need to optimize the existing size of the images that your website contains to make them small in size.

You can use various tools to inspect images that impact the loading speed of your website. Google Lighthouse is the right option for you.

When it comes to resizing the existing images, you can again find numerous tools like Bulk Image Resizer, Resize Multiple Images, and many others.

Apart from these tools, you should know that various CMSs also include image optimization feature that enables you to edit the published post.

5. Write Powerful and Eye-catchy Meta Description

A meta description is the brief details about each page of your website. Users can see it when your website appears in the search engine result pages (SERPs). It is placed just below the title of each page in the HTML code section.

meta description

You need to write a Meta description including your target keywords. Meanwhile, make sure the description is attention-seeking to catch the attention of users and encourage them to visit the entire page of your website.

Final Words

Though it’s hard to rank on top in SERPs and stay for long, you can make it possible by following the right practices. In the year 2022, an SEO company in Delhi believes that above are some practices that will remain in the focus among digital marketers. So, you should also focus on these to improve search engine ranking of your website.

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