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Our Privacy Policy

We at BlogByWords have a privacy policy to help our customers get the details related to how we collect information from users, what we do with that information, and also about its processing.

What We are Committed for 

BlogByWords is committed to respecting and valuing the privacy of those who visit our website. We will never display your information to any third parties in any circumstance. We never leave any stone unturned when it comes to maintaining full secrecy of your information and also put hard effort to safeguard it. We never let your information be misused in any case.

How We Collect Users’ Details

We collect users’ details in multiple ways that are listed as follows.

• We collect your information through log files that generally record all movement of visitors when they access your website. It helps us gather different information including browser type, service provider, time zone, clicks, and many more.

• Be it email-id, contact details, or others, we collect different types of information when you get in touch with us for getting information regarding our services through various channels.

• We gather various details when you fill up our form for registration for consultation and also participate in the conversation, meetings, and more.

• We collect your details when you go through our content, website, pages, resources, etc.

Why We Collect Information

• We gather details of visitors to know their interests and requirements and also deliver the finest solutions based on matching your requirements.

• We gather your information to improve our website for delivering you a fully personalized experience to match your expectations.

• We use your details for creating our marketing plan.

• We use your information to know if you are satisfied with our services.

• We also gather your information to find out whether our website works smoothly. It helps us find out the right security features to implement on our website to prevent fraud.

• We use your information to provide services based on your actual requirements and also your expectations.

• We use your information to inform you about any changes in our services and related things.

Parameters of Our Privacy Policy

Data Storage Security

At BlogByWords, we implement top-rated security measures for offering you great protection of data that we gather from your website and store it. Meanwhile, we can’t negate the fact that the digital world involves a lot of security challenges and there’s indeed a higher possibility that your data can be breached. So, sharing data with us can be an entire risk on your own.

Disclosure of Information

As mentioned, we never share your information with anyone unless it’s necessary to do so. However, we share your personal information in certain circumstances;

• If we get approached by the law authority for divulging the information.

• Engagement in any business deal with those third parties.

• If we take a measure to mitigate the security challenges to combat any fraudulent