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Key Factors that Improve the Quality of SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing

According to SparkToro, Google search accounts for 92.6% of traffic globally. If you want to ensure the success of your business website, you should never ignore this fact. Make sure your website ranks in Google search to easily get noticed among visitors. And this is something that can’t be possible without search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization has taken the online business to the next level by letting them increase their online presence, get higher traffic, and grab more opportunities for generating sales and revenue. Do you know what makes SEO effective? Well, several factors play a crucial role in making your SEO successful – content writing is one of those. This is the reason why the demand for SEO content writing is growing day by day of late.

Now the question is what is SEO content writing?

Well, SEO content writing involves writing different forms of content, including blogs, articles, press releases, product descriptions, etc. for different purposes. In all forms of content, writers follow the instruction of implementing the targeted keywords as per the latest guidelines of SEO. It improves the search engine ranking of your website and helps it appear on top in SERP.

The most important thing that you need to be concerned about is the quality of your content. No matter how effectively you implement keywords in your content, your website will not rank unless it lacks in quality.

How to Make your SEO Content Writing Result-Oriented

You may be keen to know how to improve the quality of content? We will not let you wait for more and are going to explain some vital tips for SEO content writing. Take a look.

1. Use Keywords as Primary and Secondary

We often use 2 or more 2 keywords in our content to improve the chance of its rank in the maximum of our targeted keywords. So, the best thing that you can do is to divide your keywords as primary and secondary first.

Once you know your primary and secondary keywords, your task now is to use them properly while implementing the latest guidelines prescribed by Google.

It’s advisable to use primary keywords 4 times in your content including title and summary. You can use the primary keyword at least in the first paragraph of your content. It’s not necessary to use the same keyword in the entire content. Rather than, you can use latent indexing semantic (LIS) keywords. 

As far as secondary keywords are concerned, you can use them 1 or 2 times in the entire content. You should use secondary keywords in various places such as meta titles, title tags, within the first 200 words, last 200 words, and many more.

2. Use Long-Tail Keywords

Now the question is, what type of keywords do you need to use in your content? Well, the simple answer is, you should always target keywords with low search volume to increase the chance of ranking your website in search engines. And long-tail keywords are the right choice for the same.

Long-tail keywords are the most appropriate that users intend to search when they are fully determined to purchase any products or use voice search. These keywords have low search volumes. It increases the chance to rank your website in search engines.

Many SEO content writing services nowadays implement this practice to a wider extent to deliver you quality content.

Now, the question is how will you find the long-tail keywords? Well, Google is the right place to find long-tail keywords. To search for the long-tail keywords, you need to just type some phrases of your actual keywords and Google will suggest you the long-tail keywords.

long-tail keywords

In the above image, you can see the suggestion of Google. So, you can pick the right keywords that match your needs. Apart from this, you can also leverage some SEO content writing tools that will help you in finding the long-tail keywords.

Some of the popular tools are;

•          HubSpot Content Strategy Tool

•          KWFinder

•          Ubersuggest

•          LongTailPro

•          Wordtracker

•          Semrush

•          Answer the Public

3. Use Internal Links

Using internal links in content is one of the latest practices that you can adopt to improve the quality of your SEO content. Implementing this practice is indeed the most effective way of optimizing your content.

Apart from this, internal links encourage users to find the related content on their website. These are helpful for search engines as well since it plays a vital role in letting your search engine index your website page. It’s advisable to use internal links at least 3 to 4 times in your content to expect good results.

When it comes to using external links, these also have a great role in improving the ranking of your website and thus, help it rank in Google easily. You need to use outbound links in your content from some of the reputed websites.

4. Header Tags

When it comes to the quality of SEO content writing, it’s not only about making your content grammatically error-free but also to create a proper structure. It’s indeed vital for you to make your content structure fully optimized with the topic heading.

Header tags

You need to use proper header tags to make your content more attractive and useful for users.  You will get 6 header options, but only 3 header tags (H1, H2, and H3) are crucial to use. 

You can use H1 tags for the title of your page that the search engine recognizes. The search engine identifies your page with the title written in an H1 tag. If we talk about the H2 page, you can use it for subtopics or the topic that your content includes.

The H2 tag makes it easy for your audience to scan your page properly and also find the content that they are interested to read. Apart from this, you can use H3 tags for additional subheadings in your content.

Using header tags in your content makes you entitled to avail of the following advantages.

•          It offers an appropriate and clear structure of your page.

•          Heading tags make it easy for Google and other search engines to understand the type of content that your page contains.

•          It enables you to organize your content into different logical sections.

•          It lets you create easy-to-read content.

•          It increases the relevance of your content.

5. Image Optimization

Only texts are not content, images are essential parts that determine the quality of your content. More importantly, you need to optimize your images to help search engines find them easily.

It helps you increase the traffic to your website and thus, also works well in increasing its overall performance. Apart from this, proper image optimization is also necessary for improving the user experience.

For image optimization, you need to implement the best practices such as naming your files properly, writing description Alt text with the use of relevant keywords, and choosing the appropriate format. Be it JPEG or PNG, you can use any format of image based on availability.

While uploading an image, make sure you fully compress them, make actual display size, use original images, ensure relevancy, use captions, and more.

6. Readability

Readability is another crucial factor that you need to take into account to ensure the quality of your content. It makes your content clear and easy to understand for users. It is good for a better SEO and also improves the user experience of your website.

Users often want to engage with content that is easy to read, clear, and concise. It also minimizes the bounce rate and helps your website get a competitive edge advantage from an SEO point of view.

Role of readability in search engine optimization

Well, readability impacts the following things, which have a direct role in SEO.

•          Bounce rate

•          Dwell time

•          Exit rate

•          Social shares

•          Conversion rate

•          User session

You can use the readability of your content with the following tips and tricks;

•          Avoid using passive voice

•          Use active voice

•          Make content spelling and other grammatical-error-free

•          Always write short sentences

•          Write short paragraphs

•          Use bullet points

•          Try to avoid difficult words

•          Avoid wordiness

•          Use header tags

•          Use a conversational tone

•          Use transition words

•          Target optimal grading level

You can check the readability of your content while posting it. All you need to install and activate Yoast SEO, which lets you check the readability of your content, apart from assisting you with search engine optimization.

Yost SEO indicates with red signal for content with lesser readability. Once you improve the readability of your content, it indicates with a green point.

Apart from Yoast SEO, you can use various other tools such as Grammarly, Readability Analyzer, Text Optimizer, Hemingway, etc.

7. Long-Form of Content

Today, long-form of content is in trend. So, you may be excited to know the maximum length of your content, right? Well, the range of your content should be between 1,000 to 2,500 words.

Long-form of content portrays you as a reliable brand. It covers the topic in-depth and thus, easily seeks the attention of users. Your content should educate users and resolve their queries that they want to resolve.

As far as the benefits of long-form content, it’s good from an SEO point of view and offers numerous advantages.

•          Improves the quality of your content.

•          You can Get a competitive edge over thin content

•          Good for Rank high with more keywords

•          Good for higher engagement and user experience

•          You can improve CTR and bounce rate

•          Improve conversion rate

•          It helps you earn quality backlinks

•          You can builds trust and reliability

Final Words

No matter how powerful your search engine optimization strategy is, you will not be able to achieve your end objective unless you create quality content. Above are some reliable practices that you can implement to produce quality content and improve ranking to your website to stay top in SERPs.

Hiring SEO content writing services is the right option for getting top-quality content to give a boost to your search engine optimization effort.    

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