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How a Content Writing Agency Writes SEO-Optimized Content

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No matter how eye-catchy content your write; it will not help you promote your business unless you optimize it for search engines. You should understand that search engine optimization is much more than just writing content. It advocates following the latest standard practices, apart from ensuring better keyword placement.

Practices a Content Writing Agency Follow to Write an SEO-Optimized Content

So, you might be desperate to learn how to write SEO-friendly content, right? Well, we will discuss here everything that a genuine content writing agency follows. You need to read the entire article to get the related answer. Take a look.

1. Research

Well, research is a crucial step before doing anything – writing SEO-optimized content is no exception. You need to spend enough time researching the search engine result pages (SERPs) to gather details about your targeted keywords. You need to focus on the search intent of your target audience. It’s advisable to be familiar with the search terms they use.

2. Choose the Right Keywords

You need to know that SEO is all about making the right keyword strategy. Failing to do so will never let you get the desired outcomes. Once you get ideas of search terms that your target users use, you can put those search terms in tools like Google Keyword Planner. It helps you get more suggestions about relevant keywords that you can choose to use in your content.

While choosing, you need to be highly careful and select keywords that have high search volume and low or medium competition. This is the right practice that a top-notch content writing agency always follows to deliver the desired outcomes.

3. Create an SEO-Friendly Title

The title of your content is the first thing that visitors interact with first. So, it should be SEO optimized as well, apart from being SEO-friendly. Make sure you use your primary keyword in the title. It’s good to place 1 to 2 keywords that relate to your topics in a better way. It’s advisable to put keywords within the first 65 characters of the title.

You should avoid creating a too long title in your content. It’s better to keep the title as short as possible. Your title should be a maximum of 65 characters for getting better results.

4. Place keywords either in the First Para or Within 100 Words

The next crucial thing that a content writing agency does is use keywords in the first paragraph of the content. Even if you are not able to able to use keywords in the first paragraph, you should try to use them within 100 words of your content. It definitely helps you get better outcomes.

5. Keyword Density

Keyword density is another factor that you should always take into account while optimizing your content for search engines. Following keyword density means you are not stuffing your content with too many keywords. That’s indeed the wrong practice!

Rather than you should follow the right practice of keyword density. It’s advisable to follow the 1% to 2% keyword density rule. It means that you should keep at least 100 words gap between 2 keywords to make your content optimized properly for search engines.

6. Keyword Repetition

There are two categories of keywords that you need to implement while writing content – the first is primary and the second of secondary keywords. As we already mentioned, primary keywords are the main keyword of the content and your entire content is based on this.

So, apart from using its title and subheading, you should use the content at least 4 times in the body of your article including the conclusion. As far as secondary keywords are concerned, you should use them a maximum of 1 or 2 times in your content.

7. Make Keyword Flow Natural

Though keyword placement is essential, it doesn’t mean you should use keywords forcefully. If you do it, it tends to make an adverse impact on the final outcomes. Instead of following this practice, you should use keywords in the way to make the flow natural. It makes your content more realistic and users love to engage with it.

8. Add Related FAQs

The next important thing that you need to do is add some relevant FAQs to your content to make it more meaningful and user-engaging.

Though adding keywords to your content is not related directly to search engine optimization, it has indeed a powerful impact on the visibility of your content. It’s wise to include at least 4 to 5 related FAQs to your content to witness the desired outcomes.

9. Use Internal and External Links

No matter how much effort you put to optimize your content, it becomes futile without using proper links. Make sure your content uses external links from some of the reputed sources including Wikipedia and other popular names that achieved a landmark in their fields.

Apart from external links, your content should also include some internal links as well. You should always avoid more than two internal links in your content. One internal link should be your service related to the blog and others can be any of other related blogs. 

Conclusion Irrespective of your proficiency in writing content, you should always focus on implementing the right practices for writing the content. No matter what type of content, you need to write you just need to follow the above practices that a content writing agency uses to help your content ranks in search engines.

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